Lotto 96: Greek Asia. Caria, Halikarnassos. AR Trihemiobol, c. 2nd-1st cent. BC. D/ Head of Rhodian Helios facing. R/ Bust of Athena right, wearing crested helmet; barley grain (?) behind. SNG Von Aulock -; BMC -; Sear -. AR. g. 0.80 mm. 10.50 RRR. Extremely rare, apparently unpublished in the standard references, unlisted in CoinArchives. EF. For a similar specimen see Martí Hervera & Soler y Llach 80, lot 3007 (misclassified). <br /> We suggest the attibution to Halikarnassos mint for the similarity with the Drachm types: Helios facing/ Bust of Athena. the weight is compatible with the Trihemiobol standard.
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