Lotto 75: Greek Italy. Greek Italy, uncertain mint. AE 20 mm. Late 90s-early 80s BC. Æ (13mm, 2.55 g, 12h). D/ Wreathed head of Dionysus right. R/ Panther with thyrsus to right. Stannard & Sinner, “A central Italian coin with Dionysus/Panther types, and contacts between Central Italy and Spain in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC,” Saguntum 46 (2014), p. 161, 1; SNG Cop. 342 (Capua?); HN Italy 2672. AR. g. 5.74 mm. 20.00 RR. Rare. Nice light green patina. VF. This issue has hitherto been tentatively attributed to Capua (BMC and SNG Cop.) but Garrucci (p. 59f) claimed that the coins appeared to be found chiefly in the neighbourhood of Orvieto (Bolsena). Robinson (NC 1964, p. 42) envisaged a Second Punic War context.
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