Lotto 29: Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AE Triens of 10-Units, late 3rd century BC. D/ Head of Sethlans right, wearing pileus decorated with laurel wreath; behind, X; before, a; to left, X within radiate circle countermark. Traces of overstriking on Menvra/Owl Sextans). R/ Tongs and hammer; between, four pellets; below, pvplvna; to left, four pellets countermark. Vecchi EC I, 140, 98-106; HN Italy 195. AE. g. 8.89 mm. 27.00 RRR. Very rare and possibly the finest of fewer than ten specimens known. Of exceptional quality, with lovely earthen emerald green patina. Good VF. The countermarks which employ X in radiate circle and four pellets seem to confirm the denomination of the issue, four pellets of a Roman Triens to the value of 10 bronze units. (EC I, 1, p. 315, note n. 309).
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