Lotto 5: Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AE Sextans, c. 250-200 BC. D/ Head of Sethlans right, wearing pileus decorated with laurel-wreath; to left, two pellets and prow of ship. Dotted border. R/ Hammer and tongs; between, two pellets; to left, [vetalv]; to right, [pvflvna]. Linear border. Vecchi EC I, 132. HN Italy 188. AE. g. 14.63 mm. 26.00 R. Rare. Dark green patina with lighter spots. Traces of corrosion. F. "The interpretation of vetalv as a personal name is more probable than Vetulonia" (EC I, p. 293, note 284). Cf. M. Cristofani, "La leggenda di un tipo monetale etrusco" in "Melanges offerts à Jacques Heurgon" I (Rome, 1976), pp. 209-14.
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