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Continental Greece. Kings of Macedon. Philip II (359-336 BC). AV Stater, Pella mint, c. 323-315 BC. D/ Laureate head of Apollo right. R/ Charioteer driving biga right, holding kentron and reins; below horses, kantharos; in exergue, ΦIΛIΠΠoY. SNG ANS 172-6. AV. g. 8.56 mm. 16.00 Superb, with underlying luster. EF. Macedonian royal gold coinage flourished under Philip II, whose successes in suppressing the upland tribes facilitated access to the rich precious metal mines located in those regions. Interestingly, the majority of his coins are known from bountiful posthumous issues. A study of their patterns of distribution has revealed that this coinage was heavily used in Greece, Macedon, and western Asia Minor. Apparently, his coinage had become so prevalent in trade in these areas that it continued to be struck by his successors down to the early 3rd century BC. (CNG inventory 798068).

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