Lotto 440: Justin II (565-578). AV Solidus, Ravenna mint. D/ DNI-VSTI-NVS PP AVG. Helmeted, pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust facing, with short beard, holding globus surmounted by Victory and shield with horseman and fallen enemy motif. Heavy annular border. R/ VICTORI-A AVGGG Z (Z retrograde). Constantinopolis seated facing, head right, holding long sceptre and globus cruciger; in exergue, C • ONO H • Heavy annular border. Cf. DO 210 a; cf. MIBE 20 c; cf. Ranieri 407; Sear 407. AV. g. 4.43 mm. 21.00 RR. Very rare. An outstanding example, in exceptional state of preservation, with underlying luster. Virtually as struck. About FDC.
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