Lotto 411: Lombardic Italy. Authari (584-590) to Agilulf (590-615). AV Tremissis in the name of Maurice Tiberius (582-602). Struck c. 584-615 AD, Lombardy. D/ DN [ ]-TIb PP VI. Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. R/ Blundered legend. Victory standing facing, head left, holding globus cruciger and wreath; in exergue, IOIIOI. BMC Vandals-; Arslan Type, 18-19 var. (slightly different legends); MEC 1, 305-6 var. (same). AV. g. 1.15 mm. 20.00 RR. Very rare. An outstanding example, perfectly centred on a exceptionally broad flan. Enchanting reddish toning. EF.
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