Lotto 409: Lombardic Italy. The Interregnum (574/5-584/5), Faroald I (?). AR Quarter Siliqua imitating Tiberius II Constantine (578-582) or Maurice Tiberius (582-602). Pseudo-Ravenna mint. D/ Garbled legend: YDMH-OCC(II?). Diademed and draped bust right. Dotted border. R/ Cross potent on two steps, within wreath. Cf. BMC Vandals (Wroth) p. 127 and pl. XVIII, 20-21 (Lombards Kings, Interregnum). For prototypes, cf. D.O. 65, Sear 471 (Tib. II) and D.O. 288, Sear 593 (Maur. Tib.). AR. g. 0.39 mm. 10.50 RRR. 5h. Extremely rare and in exceptional condition for issue. Superb old cabinet tone. EF. After the death of Alboin's successor (574 or 575) the Rule of the Dukes was an interregnum in the Lombard Kingdom (574/5–584/5) during which Italy was ruled by the Lombard dukes of the old Roman provinces and urban centres.
Faroald I (died 591 or 592) was the first Duke of Spoleto, which he established during the decade of interregnum. He led the Lombards into the centre of the Italian Peninsula while Zotto led them into the south.
In 579 Faroald sacked Classis, the harbour of Ravenna. Between 584 and 588, Classis was retaken by Droctulf.
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