Lotto 407: Ostrogothic Italy, Amalasuntha (534-535). AR Quarter Siliqua in the name of Justinian I, Ravenna mint. D/ DII IVSTINIAN AVG. Pearl-diademed and mantled bust right. R/ Monogram of Theoderic (no cross above) within wreath. Kraus 3 (Hildebrand); Ranieri-; MEC 1, 138; MIB 59 (Witigis); Metlich 64 (Witigis). AR. g. 0.69 mm. 11.00 RR. An outstanding example of this very rare and discussed issue. Lovely iridescent tone, with bluish and reddish hues. About EF/EF. This restitution series with the monogram of Theoderic has already been discussed by scholars. According to Grierson, it was struck during the early period of Theodahad's reign when Amalasuntha was formally the new sovereign. On these quarter siliquae, one finds the name of Justinian on the obverse and the monogram of Amalasunta's father on the reverse. For Grierson, only in this way could the Ostrogoths accept her reign. Hahn and Metlich have different opinions and they prefer to ascribe this series to Witigis.
(NAC 93, 1206 note).
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