Lot 377: Principality of Achaea. Robert d'Anjou (de Taranto) (1333-1364). EL Ducat. Imitating Venezia. Uncertain mint (Chiarenza?). Struck in the name and types of Andrea Dandolo. D/ St. Mark standing right, holding Gospels and presenting banner to Doge kneeling left. In front of the Doge, pellet. R/ Christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels, surrounded by mandorla containing ten stars. Cf. Gamb. 344. Cf. Schl. p. 320 and pl. XII, 34 and addiction p. 21 and pl. XXI, 19-22. EL. g. 3.37 mm. 22.30 R. Good VF. The Venetian style imitative ducati copying the types such as Andrea Dandolo are traditionally attributed to Robert d'Anjou (de Taranto) as the Prince of Achaea, but their widespread circulation and their numerous varieties leaves open the possibility of other minting sites, such as Chios under Genoa or Mytilene under the Gattilusi, as these venues served as the principal trade currency of the Crusader east for several decades in the last half of the 14th century. This imitative issues are characterized by small signals hidden in the coin such as pellets, stars or stylized letters.
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