Lotto 24: Greek Italy. Etruria, Populonia. AR 20-Asses, 3rd century BC. D/ Head of Menvra three-quarter facing left, wearing three crested helmet, earring and necklace; on either side of neck, X. Dotted border. R/ mi: [pvplv]na : les : around cluster of seven pellets and crescent. Dotted border. Vecchi EC I, 68.1-5 (O3/R12); HN Italy 159; HGC 17; Garrucci p. 185, pl. CXXV, 9 (Supplemento). AR. g. 7.77 mm. 23.00 RRR. Extremely rare, only three examples recorded by Vecchi. Obverse thorougly scraped, and struck from a very worn die as seen on all known specimens. Dark grey toning. Fair/VF.
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